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Elder Financial Abuse

Elder Financial AbuseSadly, in most cases of financial abuse the abuser is someone the elderly person or their family trusted. They may be a caretaker, family member, friend, attorney, stockbroker, or any other person who gains access to the elder's assets, or who persuades the elder to make an improper investment or take out an unsuitable mortgage.  
Financial Abuse of an elder can take many forms:
  • Loss of Real Estate - usually, the deed is put in the name of the abuser, or the abuser is added to the deed.
  • Loss of Stocks / Investments - by adding the abuser to the accounts.
  • Intentionally Bad Investment Advice by Financial Professional - persuading the elder to buy a too-long annuity, high-risk stock, unneeded insurance, or other unsuitable investment so the professional can get a commission.
  • Mortgage Loan Fraud - convincing the elder to take out a home loan with overly high fees / interest / penalties, or unaffordable payments. 
However, all of these abusers can be stopped by taking prompt legal action.           
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